David Ellis

My gg-gf was Isaac Leib STEIN (rendered SHTEIN back in Europe).  He came over in 1920 from Kuznica, Poland at the age of 80.  I've traced more than 600 descendants from his six daughters, but I know little about his family background other than the names of his parents (Tanchum and Rayzl) and his two wives (Bashe and my gg-gm Sarah).  He probably came from the town of Przytyk and moved to Kuznica afterwards.  If anybody can find additional information, I would be thrilled.

Beverly Benz

I have a great uncle Sam Stein but it’s abbreviated from Finkelstein.  He was married to Eve and had no children.
Bev W
Researching Finkelstein, Lazar, Blackschleger, Wagner.

Stuart Kaufer

Searching for relatives of my GF Samuel Stein who was born in Kiralyhaza and died in Chicago in March, 1957.  I know he had a sister Sara (Sadie) who lived in Hawley PA with her husband, last name Kerner.  They had no children and are both dead.
Do not know if the real last name is Stein or abbreviated when they emigrated?   I do not know if they left relatives behind in Kiralyhaza when they emigrated in early 1900's.   Thank you.