Yizkor Book Project Update - March 2020 #yizkorbooks

Binny Lewis <blewis@...>

Dear JewishGen Community,

The JewishGen Yizkor Book Team is always active starting, continuing, and completing Translation Projects. Here are some successes from this past month.

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To view all ongoing Yizkor Book translation projects click here. If there is any information that needs updating, please let me know (see bottom of this update for my email).

Summary of Recent Progress for February 2020

  • In February, we translated 452 pages - all of which are freely available online via the JewishGen website

  • We have begun beta testing a new workflow for Translations. If you are a Project Coordinator (ie. your name is on our active project list. See here) and you would like to volunteer your project to participate, please send me a message using my email at the bottom.

  • We completed the first round of data collection on the first 100 books for our priority book list. Thank you to everyone who participated in this project!

Yizkor Book Translation Project(s) Completed in February 2020

New Translation Project(s) Started in February 2020

Yizkor Books Now Available in Hard Copy

JewishGen is pleased to announce the release of fully translated Yizkor Books now available in hard copy. To view a list of all the books available in hard copy, please click here

  • Several books have been published in February and are waiting to be posted online. These will be announced in next month's update.

Keep an Eye Out for our Weekly Post to the JewishGen FB Page!

At the end of each week, we have been featuring excerpts from Yizkor books in JewishGen's archive.
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We would like to show recognition to the incredible work of two wonderful people: 

Karen Leon

Volunteer Manager at JewishGen.org

Karen has played an integral role with the JewishGen team by reaching out to current volunteers and making sure their needs are met as projects are carried out. She has been especially helpful to the Yizkor Book team in assisting our efforts to organize our internal data as well as in reaching out to over 100 members of the Yizkor Book Team. 

Thank you for all your help! We look forward to continued success working with you!

Nancy Siegel

Communications Coordinator at JewishGen.org

As the head of communications with JewishGen, Nancy has worked tirelessly to prepare newsletters, Facebook posts, announcements and more. She was able to step in to assist the Yizkor Book Project, to help us get the monthly newsletter off the ground. She has helped us communicate transparently with the incredible YB Team and to convey accurately all the wonderful work that we are doing for the growing Yizkor Book community.

Thank you for your help and we hope to continue working with you in the near future!

We are expanding the Yizkor Book Team!!

We are working on many upcoming projects. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering for the Yizkor Book Project, please see the information below:

Perhaps your skills can be of assistance?

  • We need volunteers with lots of skills!! Are you interested in being a translator for Yizkor books? Do you have a background in coding or web development? If you would like to dedicate your time and skills please apply to volunteer by following this link:

Want to lead a Yizkor Book Translation Project?

  •  If you are interested in being a Project Coordinator, please see this “Getting Started Guide” which should start you on the journey.

  •  To support an ongoing project, click here.


If there are any mistakes in this newsletter, please feel free to reach out so I can correct the information appropriately as soon as possible.

All the best,

Binny Lewis

Yizkor Book Manager


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When will the Yizkor book of Suwalki be available to be purchased now that it is complete.  Thank you for your work in doing this and i would like to make a donation to this project.  Please give me the info on where to send the donation towards this effort of publication
Herbert Siegel. 

Ida & Joseph Schwarcz

I translated the Suwalki yizker bukh many years ago and it is avaiabele from the New York Public Library.
Ida Selavan Schwarcz


What I am looking for is the book in English for purchase similar to the other yizkor books on Jewishgen. 

Herb siegel

Binny Lewis <blewis@...>

Hello Mr Siegel,

The book will be published free of charge. The price for the book covers the cost of publication and any future projects or upgrades to the YBIP project (Yizkor Book In-Print).

We are starting work as we speak. It can take generally 3-6 months to publish a book, but each book has its own details and the timing may vary.

Keep an eye out for future Yizkor Book updates to see when it is published.

All the best
Mr Binny Lewis