Great-grandfather Saul Isaiah BERALL from Romania #romania


I’m asking for help finding information regarding my great-grandparents Sal BERALL and Frieda ABRAMOWITZ, who emigrated from what soon became Romania to NYC, USA in 1887. Their respective father’s names in Romania were Eliya David BERALL and Isaiah ABRAMOWITZ. This was while Romanian principalities were still under nominal Ottoman suzerainty, but also considered part of Austria-Hungary by some US immigration officials. Thanks for your help!

Erik Berall

Sam Wolff

Just to let you know that re Isaiah Abramovich, you might consider searching for Abramovici, as the name appears in the Craiova burial registry (but no Isaiah).
Sam Wolff


I see the Berall family in Husi. The Botosani research team has acquired and indexed the records.
Shaia and Freida Berall had three daughters and one son between 1882 and 1888, the son dying a few days after birth. 
I see also the marriage. Fathers names matches what you know.
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P.S. The Romanian principalities declared independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877, the independence was recognized after the 1877-78 war.