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David Rosner

In 1761, what was the name (of the Area) used for where Israel is TODAY...?

Ottoman Empire...??

Something Else...??

David Rosner
Los Angeles, CA

Jack de Lowe

Although the Ottoman Empire suffered many military defeats during the 1700s (especially at the hands of the Russians), the area that is now Israel was part of the Ottoman Empire. The Muslims living in the area now called Israel referred to themselves as Southern Syrians.

Michael Hoffman

Ottoman Empire:  See https://israelipalestinian.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=001109  for maps and information.


BTW: https://israelipalestinian.procon.org/ is a very good and detailed source of info about the Israeli-Palestinikan conflict.


Michael Hoffman




>> In 1761, what was the name (of the Area) used for where Israel is TODAY...? <<

According to Wikipedia, what is now Israel was part of Ottoman Syria, specifically a subdivision of the Eyalet of Damascus which included the Sanjaks of Damascus, Beirut, Sidon, Acre, Safad, Nablus, Jerusalem, Gaza, Hauran and Ma'an. In 1660 the Eyalet of Safad was established. It was later renamed the Eyalet of Sidon, and later, the Eyalet of Beirut. This changed in 1833 when some provinces were ceded to Egypt.

Eric Davis

At this point it still was firmly part of the Ottoman Empire.

Eva Lawrence

My Atlas of Times Past (John Haywood) records it as part of the Ottoman Empire after 1512,but the name of the area is down as Syria. That's an English view. I suppose what you called it depended on your political standpoint. One could equally have called it Eretz Yisrael..  
Eva Lawrence
St Albans, UK.

Richard Cooper

From 1516 to 1865 most of what today is Israel was then the southern portion of the Eyalet of Damascus inside the Ottoman Empire,

Ric Cooper
Midhurst, UK

Frank Schulaner

Walt Whitman, in his all-encompassing Salut au Monde (c.1870):
"You Jew journeying in your old age through every risk, 
to stand once on Syrian ground!"

Daniel Bargman

In those times Syria was a general not precise area of the Levant, more than a political concept, and it could include Palestine - within the Otoman Empire

Peter MacDonald

The designation "Jerusalem, Israel" has a geographic term "Jerusalem," and a political term "Israel." This form is widely used and appropriate historically for Jerusalem from 1948 to the present.
But if we want to strictly follow this geo plus political pattern in our genealogical database records, is the following accurate for other periods of Jerusalem's history?
Jerusalem, Mamluk Sultanate (for 1260-1516)
Jerusalem, Ottoman Empire (for 1516-1916)
Jerusalem, British Mandatory Palestine (for 1916-1948)
Jerusalem, Israel (for 1948-present)
I note that when entering a place name in a person's record in a Family Tree on the familysearch.org, the only valid form for "Jerusalem"  is "Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel," which doesn't seem to be widely used outside of their database.
If there is no standard to this, then perhaps it would be acceptable to use just "Jerusalem" for all periods before 1948-.

[Please don't let this discussion devolve into any unpleasant political issues. That is not my intention and I won't participate in it.]

Peter J. MacDonald
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