St. Louis, MO help #usa

Trudy Barch

Chesed Shel Emet Cemetery.    University City and Chesterfield.    White Road and ??????


Thank you,    Trudy Barch, Florida

Michael Hoffman

Hi Trudy,

I would advise you that you should contact the St Louis Genealogical Society, they have all the information about the Jewish Community
and all the Jewish Cemeteries in St Louis on their website, 

A good contact is their Publications Director Ilene Kanfer Murrey.

Best regards,

Michael Hoffman

Renée K. Carl

There are two locations for Chesed Shel Emeth. The old one in University City (on Olive St Rd), and a newer one out in Chesterfield.
Most of the old cemetery has been photographed.
The executive director is Anita Feigenbaum and she is responsive via email.. but keep in mind with current conditions most offices are closed or limited.
The website has addresses and additional information

Renée K. Carl
Washington DC

Marilen Pitler

Trudy, the address for Chesed Shel Emet Cemetery in University City is:  7550 Olive Blvd, St. Louis, MO 6313.
Phone:  (314) 721-4658

Address in Chesterfield is:  
650 White Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017
Phone:  (314) 469-1891

Hope this helps, Marilen
St. Louis, MO

Trudy Barch

thank you.  I have been to both cemeteries years ago but could not remember how to distinguish the two cemeteries.

Trudy Barch

thank you Michael for this information but it does not answer my question.   I have since got my answer from other people.