CONVOY 68 OF FEBRUARY 10th 1944 FROM DRANCY TO AUSCHWITZ #france #holocaust

Lemberski Evelyne

convoi 68  of february 10th 1944 from Drancy to Auschwitz

ladies and gentlemen,

we are looking for people having known deportees of convoy 68 of February 10th 1944 from Drancy, in order to tell of the lives of these persons and perpetuate the memory of our families.

if you have known such persons or know people who may know of them, we would appreciate you contacting us.

Claude Hess : hess.claude@...

Boris Fride : borice.frice@...

with thanks.

kind regards

Evelyne Lemberski
saint maurice

Jerry Krassner

I have a relative from this convoy- Maurice Jagodzinski. He was my first cousin once removed. BTW- the email for Hess ("over quota") and Fride ("invalid recipient") failed.- Jerry Krassner



My aunt, Sarah Mazour was in the convoi 68 of February 10th 1945. 


Selma Sheridan

My paternal cousins, Cécile HERSCHER, age 16, and Odette HERSCHER, age 14, were forced from St-Privat-des-Prés to Poitiers to Drancy to Auschwitz on 10 Feb. 1944 (convoy 68).  Their parents had been murdered in 1942, Mathias (convoy 8) and Sara (convoy 40).  Their little sister Marguerite, age 9, was deported to Auschwitz (convoy 77).  The family had fled from Lens, Pas-de-Calais, about 1938, hoping that St-Privat would be a safer place.  Thank you for keeping alive  the memory of the victims of convoy 68, and all the others.
Selma Sigal Sheridan
Oswego NY USA

Corinna Woehrl (nee Goslar)

Dear Evelyne and list-readers,

yes, in my family, too, I found a member who perished arriving in Auschwitz with transport 68 from Drancy. I am desperately looking for more information on her life.

Dina GOSLAR was my Great-Aunt, of whom in my fathers' generation the knowledge was completely lost: She was one of 8 children of Pinnicus Bernhard GOSLAR and Friedchen WURZBURG. In the database, a birthname Hecht is mentioned, yet I haven't found any clues for a marriage. This is the information I have on her life:

- Dina visited the "Ernestinenschule" in Luebeck from easter 1890 to Easter 1897
- from 10.1902 to 10.1903 she worked in (Bad) Ems as an assistant housekeeper in the Jewish Orphanage
- in 1911 she moved to Hamburg to be a student nurse at the University Hospital
- in 1915 she moved to Berlin - in the directories she can later be found as "Oberschwester" (Head-nurse)
- several visits to Luebeck, mostly in times of illness/death of family-members
- she left Germany via Hamburg with Ilse Kotzulla and lived in Beaufort en Vallee

(Her sister Jenny, married to Maurice Dazy lived in Paris around 1912, and later moved to Nantes where she died in1967)

Even the tiniest clue is appreciated!
Regards from Germany