Kalmen KAPLANSKY - Canadian politican/human rights activist

Alyssa Freeman

Hi, all -
Does anyone have any information on the parents of Kalmen
Kaplansky, the human rights activist? All the biographical information
on him says he was born in Poland and immigrated to Canada when he was
18. I have him in my family tree because at least a half dozen other
people do, as well, yet his parents in these trees are Abraham and
Mollie KAPLINSKY from Minsk who came to the US before Kalmen was born.
I can't find anything on who his parents were and he seems to be the
only one in the family with the surname Kaplansky instead of
Kaplinsky. This is all a red flag to me, suggesting that he's not
related to me and all the others who've done the research before me
were wrong. I can't find any historical records that mention his
parents' names and he doesn't appear to be on JewishGen or Family
Search. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.

Alyssa Freeman
Henrico, VA


The only thing I remember as someone who grew up in Montreal is that there was a Kaplansky Judaica bookstore on Park Avenue not far from Villeneuve. It was pretty well known, it was around in the 1960s, perhaps earlier and later. Best of luck in your research! Fruma Mohrer


The bookstore was open in the early 1940s

joannegrosman joannegrosman

There is an archive in Montreal I believe called Canadian Jewish Congress as well contact the Jewish Public LIbrary in Montreal. They have genealogical information. I did some family research there. Also, there is a Montreal Genealogy society. Also, there is the Montreal Jewish Museum that does research into notable Jewish Montrealers.
Good luck!
Joanne Grosman