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Does anyone have information regarding the Anschel Burial Society at Mach Pelah Cemetery in Ridgewood Queens New York. My Great Grandparents are buried there, and their origin was Bratslav Vinnytsa Podolia Ukraine. Thank you.

Susan Beecher <s_beecher@...>

Although not that exact part of this huge cemetery, I have contacted the Mount Lebanon part to get information about two people buried there. Ancestry had shown that one was there but with no information. The staff person immediately responded by email sending me the information. My friend for whom I am researching her family called the cemetery and for a small donation got photos of the graves.  I don't know if all of the different groups will be this helpful.
Susan Beecher
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Hi Friends, The message that I sent on 3/29/20 was misinterpreted. I just want to know about the Anschel Burial Society at Mach Peleh Cemetery. You see I already saw the area where my ancestors are buried because a kind Rabbi on the grounds escorted me there. It was surrounded by a small fence with a sign that displayed the name of the society. Thank you. Suzanne Esserman M.D.

Debra Price

Perhaps try the YIVO website.