Somlo-Horowitz-Margareten family of Toronto#Canada #rabbinic

Peninah Zilberman



I have for you’re the following suggestions:



·       Contact the local Genealogy Chapter,

·       Write a letter to the editor of the Canadian Jewish News

·       Post on fb

Daughters of Holocaust survivors Toronto

Look up the names in the local tel. book 411

Good Luck

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LOGO tarbut 2015-EMAIL

Peninah Zilberman

Happy Passover & Happy Easter

Blessings of Good Health

Canada 1-416-781-0330

Romania + 40-74-414-5351

Israel 972-54-228-8141



Elisabeth Gelb

Pls connect if you have interest in Margareten/Marghita in Romania. The Jewish cemetery has been grandly restored and matzeva of Rav Yehoshua Aharon Tzvi Weinberger aka The Mahariatz is in wonderful ohel (special building for grave of great Rabbis to preserve). How do we form a group? 
Kindest regards, Elisabeth