Zablotow, Galicia 1892 #galicia

Dorcey Rose

In researching my family from Zablotow, I am finding a significant number of deaths in 1892. Was there an epidemic or any other major event that happened that year? I have tried searching but have not come up with an answer. Does anyone know about a major problem that year in the Zablotow area or does anyone have an idea where to research this question? Some of these relatives, both husband and wife died at 40 in1892 and it turns out that the wife's parents also died the same year. Thanks in advance, Dorcey Rose
Dorcey Rose
Florida US


I am not familiar with the Zablotow records, but a spike in a number of deaths is and indication of a local/area pandemic, most often cholera. I’ve seen it in several Polish towns in the late 1840's (do not recall the names now). There were something like 2-5 death records for each birth, and the cause of death was clearly stated.



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The fifth cholera pandemic was from1881 to 1896 and hit Eastern Europe in 1892.
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