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I have been diligently trying to translate the following article from the Pester Lloyd on Aug 7, 1922. I've used Google for the basic translation, and a few others have been helpful in clarifying some weird Google translations, but it's still not clear to me what occurred exactly. I am hoping that someone can help me fix the translation. I've included both the German and English in order to make it easier to correct any errors, and I've underscored the confusing text. Lt. Vécsey is my cousin. Thank you!

Die Affäre des Grafen Viglia
. Vor etwa zwei Monaten ereignete sich im Stadtwäldchen ein Renfonter zwischen dem Parkettänzer Grasen Henri Viglia und dem Reservoeoberteutnant Ladislaus Vècsey, das mit zwei nicht unerheblichen Verwundungen Viglias endete. In dieser Angelegenheit hat die Staatsanwattschaft den Tatbestand festgestellt. Demnach hat Viglia im Etablissement Renaissance mit einem Mitglied einer größeren Tischgesellschaft einen Streit vom Zaun brechen wollen. Oberleutnant Lazics, der sich in dieser Gesellschaft befand, sandte zwei Herren zu Viglia, um Aufklärung' zu fordern, woraus Viglia zwei Neger als Sekundanten bezeichnete, die von den Kartellträgern des Oberleutnants Lazics zurüdgewiesen wurden. 


Als die Tischgesellschaft sich aus dem Losal entfernen wollte, trat ihr Viglia mit heinen beiden Schwarzen in den Weg. Es fam zu einem Wortwechsel, in dessen Verlauf Viglia den Oberleutnant Lazics und den ihm zu Hilfe herbeieilenden Ladislaus Vecsey tätlich insultierte. In dieser Situation zog Vècsey seinen Revolver und gab zwei Schüsse auf Viglia ab. 'Viglia wurde in die Brust und in die Handsläche getroffen uns befand sich infolge dieser Verletzungen nahezu drei Wochen unter ärztlicher Pflege. Die königliche Staatsanwaltschaft stellte auf Grund der Zeugenaussagen fest, daß Vècsey in berechtigter Notwehr gehandelt habe, und stellte auf Antrag des Verteidigers Dr. Ludwig Gleichmann das weitere Versahren gegen Vecsey ein.

Google's English Translation

The Count Viglia affair. About two months ago, an argument between the ballroom dancer Count Henri Viglia and the reserve senior lieutenant Ladislaus Vècsey occurred in the city grove, which ended with two not inconsiderable injuries to Viglia. The public prosecutor has determined the facts of the matter. Accordingly, Viglia wanted to start a dispute with a member of a larger table company in the Renaissance establishment. Lieutenant Lazics, who was in this company, sent two gentlemen to Viglia to ask for clarification, from which Viglia described two negroes as secondaries, who had been expelled by Lieutenant Lazics' cartel bearers.



When the party at the table wanted to leave, Viglia got in the way of two black people. There was an exchange of words during which Viglia physically insulted Lieutenant Lazics and Ladislaus Vecsey, who came to his aid. In this situation, Vècsey pulled his revolver and fired two shots at Viglia. Viglia was hit in the chest and palm of the hand and was under medical care for almost three weeks as a result of these injuries. The royal prosecutor determined on the basis of the testimony that Vècsey had acted in legitimate self-defense and, at the request of the defense lawyer, Ludwig Gleichmann no further proceeding against Vecsey.

Reuven Mohr

google or any translation program can only work on a regular text. What you have here as a basis is obviously already of a (human less probable) technic translitteration, which created a text with non existant German words.
Grasen Henri Viglia should probably read Grafen=earl, count of whatever noble man;
In additon there are the customs of each language: In German you can use comparative like 'a larger comany' without comparison to anything. It means just a not so small number, maybe 10-20 I would guess, who ate together, among them Lazics, at the Renaissance restaurant.
'Renaissance' is the name of the restaurant=Etablissement=a French word in German for different enterprises.
The rules for a duel prescribe that you have tow honorable assitants. Viglia named to black men, which in his opponents eyes looked like a disgrace, and were turned away by the assistants of Lazics.
When the company wanted to leave the place, they were hold up by Viglia and his two black men. Lazics and and his friend Vecsey were hurt physically and Vecsey used his revolver hand shot Viglia twice in chest and hand. He needed three weeks of treatment. The court decided that Vecsey shot in self defence and closed the file against Vecsey.

Reuven Mohr

some more of those misspelled words"
Renfonter = Rencontre, Renkonter;
Grasen = Grafen;
Reservoeoberteutnant = Reserveoberleutnant;
Staatsanwattschaft = Staatsanwaltschaft;
woraus = worauf;
zurüdgewiesen =  zurueckgewiesen;
Losal = Local;
heinen = seinen;
fam =  kam;
uns = und;
Versahren = Verfahren;

for a program, proximity is not enough. it needs exact spelling.

David Lewin

I recommend you cease using Google Translate and instead turn to www.deepl,com

Be well and safe

David Lewin

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