Looking for Info on Lena Leibowitz and family in New York #lithuania #unitedkingdom #usa

Catherine Gordon

I am starting again on a branch I got stuck on a long while ago and would appreciate any help I could get finding info on the lady or her descendents.

My great-grandma Mary (Feige Mara) who came to the UK from Varniai in Lithuania had a sister (most likely half-sister on father's side) called Lena who certainly wrote to her until 1960 from New York in the US. We have 2 letters (in storage - I don't currently have access) from her to my great-grandma at that time with an address. 

She was born as Elka, daughter of Shloma, grandaughter of Gdal. The surname was Bro(wn) or something similar at this time.

Her birth date was registered as 9th Feb 1878 in Varniai, now Lithuania.

She was also known as Lakey but usually as Lena.

I don't know when she went to the U.S. I believe she married a man called Leibowitz, probably Morris Leibowitz. 

They lived in New York. The address that I have for her on May 23rd 1960 is as follows:
864 42nd Street, Brooklyn, New York
I see that this address still exists.

We have another letter from her in October that year where she mentions Sam and Sam's daughters, their husbands and grandchildren. Sam may have been a son but could have been a brother (less likely based on my research). I haven't turned up anything I can be sure of in the census but that isn't to say they are not there.

There is also possibly a child called Monty.

I am attaching some photographs of her. All clues and help will be greatly appreciated. The US and New York are not my area of expertise although I have had luck with another brother.

From the photo attached of her and her husband, I would say she married before she left Varniai.

The later photos has a child, Benny, in it. For a long time I thought this to be their son but now believe that this was her younger brother, and not a son.

I am looking for any help finding out what happenned to her and her family and also hits and tips of where and what to research. This isn't my area!

Catherine Gordon (Goldstone), Modi'in, Israel, previously the UK. 

- Fig/Figas/Figaint (Goldstone) from Varniai, Lithuania
- Bro/Brown from Varniai, Lithuania
- Geller from Brody from (Galicia), Ukraine 
- Kutczer/ Kotcher from (Galicia), Ukraine
- Copitch/Kapatz from Wilkomir, Lithuania and Dvinsk, Latvia
- Sagat/Goldsberg/Grosberg/Grossberg from Nowogrod, Poland
- Sabowski from Nowogrod, Poland
- Freedson/Freedzon from Vilnius region, Lithuania (and Maisagola)

Sonja Marder nee Reichman

have you tried familytreenow.com?


sonja marder


I have a Lena Leibowitz on my tree but she married Jack Leibowitz and I have her originally as Lena Markowitz. I don't have other info about her.