Finding family in Hungary #hungary


How can I find any Taub in Hungary Past or present
Thank you

Lorraine Rosengarten

Judy Petersen

There are many resources for researching Hungary.  But you need to provide more information in order for us to direct you to the appropriate resources.
What resources have you already consulted?  Have you searched on JewishGen?  Their Hungary database is quite extensive.  Do you know what towns your family is from?  What are your goals?  Are you trying to trace linearly back in time, or are you looking at side branches as well?  Have you registered your names and towns on the JGFF (JewishGen Family Finder)? The answers to all of these questions will help us to guide you in your research.


All  Iknow is they came from Kaley (Bokony)

Valentin Lupu

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 Try  FamilySearch . They have online Jewish manuscripts for Bokony (1852-1885, 1870-1885).  These books are not indexed, therefore it is not an easy task to search page by page.

Valentin Lupu


I made an error in The town name it should have been KALEV not Kaley.

G. C. Kalman

A huge Hungarian database containing hundreds of newspapers and millions of pages is now free for another ten days or so: - you may try a search there.

G. C. Kálmán

Theo Rafael

@G.C. Kalman, 

I can't thank you enough for the tip! I've been combing through for 12-16 hours a day for the past few days and I found a bunch of stuff about my GGparents and other family members both from current day Romania (Algyogy/Felgyogy/Zam/Arad/Kolosvar) and Serbia (MagyarKanizsa). The site is still free till April 16th..

Theo Rafael

snordlinge@... also has excellent historic and military maps of Europe including for areas far beyond Hungary or the Austro-Hungarian empire. Thank you!
Stephanie Nordlinger