Need help with grandfather's name change and birthplace (Maramoros?) #austria-czech #hungary #names

Marilyn Weinman

-- Dear JewishGenners,

I guess being frustrated looking for information, is something that newcomers to the geneaology search, can expect....OR is just me ??
I'm looking for my paternal Grandfather by the name of Joseph Engel. According to the info that I've obtained from relatives or doing research,he was born in the Austria-Hungary area of Maramoros ,or from what I'm able to read, Mallimorishhungan ???? He was born either on January 4,1880 or November 15,1882  in what was Vanif or Unif ( again trying to read my Aunt's handwriting ),Czechoslovakia. I'm not sure if his birth name was Joseph or possibly Yehuda, or possibly something else. I do know he changed his name from Engelman to Engel somewhere around 1900, when he came to  the U.S. to avoid serving in the military,which I guess Jews didn't want to do at that time under Emperor Franz Josef. This all  according to my Aunt, his daughter. He came to the U.S. under his cousin's last name of Markowitz, for a reason that I don't know, and that's when he changed his name to Engel.

There are seem to be so many Sub - Carpathia Czechoslovakia/ Maramoros,Hungary towns in Romania or Ukraine, I'm unsure how to find what I'm looking for !

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Valentin Lupu

Marilyn , Hag Pesach Sameach,
The town name is Vonihove (in Ukraine now). It was known as Vanif in Yiddish or Vajnag in Czeck . Before WWI it was a Check territory in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It is located in  Maromorosh (Hungarian) / Maramures (Romanian) , a Sub- Carpathian region. The town is located north of Sighet (Elie Wiesel's birth town).
I found  many entries for Engelman / Engel in this town during the period you mentioned.
 - Josef who was born to Engel Hersh and Rivka in Dec 1881.
- Probably the same couple had many children registered as Engelman. The first child Jacob was born in 1863.
The last registered child, born in 1895, was Freidl.
- The father Hersh died in 1892.
This family could be related to you but I am not sure about.
Stay safe and healthy, keep  Covid19 away.
Valentin Lupu

Marilyn Weinman

-- Happy  Passover Valentin ! 
Thank you so much for this information.

This could possibly be the correct family,because I know my Grandfather was one of many children,and one of the youngest being that he had a brother that was close to 20 years older ! The one thing that doesn't make sense is that the final child was born in 1895,but according to what you've said, the father Hersh, passed in in 1892...maybe mom had a boyfriend,but decided to keep the last  name of the other children.

I  will definitely look into this family, now that I know the name of the town ! Thanks again and be safe and stay healthy too. As an aside, where do you live in Israel ?? We've been twice and fell in love immediately with the entire country and people ! Hope to get back at least one more time in the future :)
Marilyn Weinman

Valentin Lupu

Sorry Marilyn, it was my typo. The birth year should be 1885 (not1895) as you can read in Friedl's birth registration. It does make sense.
I live in a suburb of Haifa,
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