Searching descendants of Abraham SOTZKY and Rachel HYMOVITCH from Bessarabia and a special copy of the Zohar #bessarabia

Karen <kgschneider@...>

Hoping to connect with descendants of Abraham SOTZKY on behalf of someone who owns a copy of  the “Zohar”, printed in Amsterdam, 1715, with the name A. SOTZKY, CHICAGO, ILL stamped on its cover (see lower left of attached picture).

After leaving Kishinev, Bessarabia early 1900’s, Abraham SOTZKY (PODVESOTZKY) and his family spent time in Montreal eventually settling in Chicago, Illinois around 1910 (see descendant chart).

This person would like to share information with the family and also see if the other 2 books in the series might have stayed with them. The copy he owns contains unique pictures and writings of his father’s grandfather. It is quite a long shot that someone in the family even knows about the book(s) that Abraham once owned, or that other issues might have been passed down to any of them, but we thought we would “give it a go”.

Thanks for any assistance,

 Karen Gregar Schneider

Bolingbrook, Illinois, USA


Gregar/Groger: Hoorepnik, Czechia and Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York, USA

Popper: Amsterdam, Montgomery Co., New York, USA