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Terry Ashton

In some documents I have had translated from Russian, the male name of a relative is presented as either “Osia or Oshia.”  I am wondering if anyone can shed any light as to what this name may relate to in English e.g. Hosea/Joshua?

Many thanks for your continued help.


Ms Terry Ashton, Melbourne, Australia

SEARCHING: PRASHKER: Kalisz, Poland/SZUMOWSKI: Gorki, Zdunska Wola, Lomza,  Poland/WAJNGOT: Poland/WIERZBOWICZ: Gorki, Lomza, Poland/GOLDMAN: Blaszki, Poland/SEGAL/SEGALOVITCH: Vilnius, Lithuania/HOLTZ: Dvinsk, Russia




Moses Jefferson

Hi Terry.

Yes, the name is the exact same name as Joshua. In Poland (and most probably Russia, such as your case) I’ve found that those called Joshua (or Yehoshua, in Hebrew) were listed in Records as Osias Oshia etc.


Moses Jefferson

Sorry, I forgot the main question as to what the name means.

To answer your question, in Numbers 13.16 we find “And Moses called Hoshea, the son of Nun, Yehoshua Joshua”. Rashi explains the change as a matter of prayer “may god save you from the [evil] advice/plot of the spies”.

This understanding gives us insight to what the name actually means. It’s formed from two Hebrew words “Yah” (Lord) and “Yeshua” (salvation) literally: “may the lord save him/us”.

Hope this answers your question.

Alexander Sharon

Osia (and related Osha, Oshke)  is a diminutive form of the popular Jewish Russian name Osip = Iosif (Joseph)

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