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Wendy Griswold

Wishing you sweet holidays and an end to this difficult situation, and
patience :-)

I am looking for some help researching a collateral relative, the
husband of my first cousin once removed. The family originated in
Russia and came to the US after lengthy stays in France and Canada. I
am at a loss as to how to research.

John Barabell (son of Benjamin and Sarah Cohen or Rachel) born December 24,
1886 in Plock, Russia/Poland .
Emigrated to France. Uncertain of emigration date.
Apparently, his brother Adolph remained in Paris, France at least as
late as 1927 because there is a record of John requesting permission
to visit him there, as well as other relatives.

John emigrated to Canada in June 1909, was naturalized as a
British subject in Canada (between 1921 and 1923), had 2 children in Canada
(Felix and Rosaline), emigrated to New York City in May 1923.

One of Benjamin and Sarah's (Rachel?) other son's, Mark, was born in
Russia (city unknown) in 1879 and also ended up in New York, where he
died in October 1929.

Apparently, whatever the original name was, it became Barabelle in
France (and there is at least one document showing John as Jean), and
the final "e" was dropped, probably in the US.

All the US naturalization papers show the original name as Barabell.

The burning question is what the original surname was. Seemingly, in
order to have any chance at getting the answer to this question, we
have to find the immigration of John and/or Mark and/or Benjamin to

Many thanks for all suggestions.

Wendy Griswold,   Jupiter FL

Sherri Bobish


There are records in the Polish records database at JewishGen that list people with the surname BARABEL in Plock.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Rodney Eisfelder

Searching JRI-Poland with surname begins BAR and town phonetically like Plock turns up the following family in the book of residents:
Josek BARABEL & Ryfka Ruchla (nee KWIATEK), with children Pejsak Majer (born 1878), Jochejwet (born 1881) and Dawid Jakub (born 1886).
There is also the marriage record in 1877 and birth records for the three children and a fourth child: Abram Isaak, born in 1893.

Apart from the father's name being Josek/Josef instead of Benjamin, there is a good correlation with the family you are searching: Majer->Mark, Jakub->John and Abraham ->Adolph.

The book of residents gets you back another generation, because it gives the names of the parents of Josek & Ryfka Ruchla.

I hope this helps,
Rodney Eisfelder
Melbourne, Australia