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Searching for information, relatives, re: Rabbi Jacob Spitz, born 1822 or 1815 or 1809 in Bekescsaba,Bekes,Hungary or Mezokeresztes, Borsod, Hungary and died 05 Mar 1893 in Chicago, Illinois.  May have immigrated 05 Jul 1872.  Lived in Louisville for a while. Married to Rachel (Rosalia, Rozi) Ungerleider born 1821 or 1825 in Csaba, Borsod, Hungary and died 13 Apr 1861 in Hungary.  They had children Celia Leni, Moritz, Louis, Marton, Josef, Zanok, Wolf, Samuel, Benjamin, Hani and Louise all born in Hungary between 1845 and 1860 and most likely immigrated to US.
Thank you.
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I have no information to add to your family research.
However, Spiitz is not so common name and I am related to that family in particular to Rebeca Spitz and her husband Simon Lichtschein from Terczal, Hungary.
Rebeca was born in about 1808.