Holland-American records - Dutch document ViewMate VM79365 #translation

Harry Boonin

Recently, Rotterdam City Archives posted Holland-
American ship records. Jewishgen was able to upload Jewish immigration data from Rotterdam. These documents are extremely helpful for immigrants leaving from this port city. Not only that but I was surprised to learn that they came through Brody. In Brody # of railroad order, booked by J. Kappeler In Brody. Interested in translation.

View Mate VM79365 applies. They were in Brody and Rotterdam in early April, 1906. I need help with translating the captions to the headings on the Rotterdam document from Dutch to English. I need help with what the numbers on my grandfather's line. His name on the record is the second from the bottom of the list: Marcus RAWIDOWSKY (DAWIDOWSKY).

Alan Shuchat

The last two columns on the right in ViewMate 79365 are for cash back payments. Vreemde munt means foreign currency and Ned. crt. probably means the corresponding amount in Netherlands currency (the guilder, abbreviated by the symbol f. or fl.). I don't know what the exchange rates would have been, but I'm guessing that R323.80 means that Marcus had 323.80 in rubles, which was exchanged for 404.75 guilders.

We can check to see if this is reasonable by using historical exchange rates for that time period. According to https://www.anaga.ru/kurs.htm (in Russian), $1 was worth 1.94 rubles in 1897. According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_guilder, $1 was worth about 2.46 guilders in 1914. Using these exchange rates, 323.80 rubles would have been worth $166.90, or 410.59 guilders. So my interpretation of those columns seems to make sense.

Alan Shuchat, 
Newton, MA  ahs613@...