Searching GRUNFELD (GREENFELD) family from Maramaros county. #hungary #rabbinic #romania


Prior to the Holocaust, our HEIMLICH family lived in the city of Szilagysomlyo (Simleu-Silvaniei).  We were a large Hasidic family of grandparents, ten families and dozens of grandchildren (one of them was my father).

In recent years we manage to find and connect with descendants of survivors or relatives of those who did not survive (such as a sibling), that made up our large family - except one: NAFTALI HEIMLICH b. 1901 who married GOLDA GRUNFELD b. 1904.

נפתלי הערצקא היימליך שנישא למרת גולדה לבית גרינפעלד : in Hebrew 

Before the war they raised, in Szilagysomlyo, four or five children - after the war no one survived - we lost any contact of Heimlich and Grunfeld families.

We do not know which city Golda came from – we only know that she came from Maramaros county.  The Name Golda We know from page testimony of two survivors written in 1957.  In a civil record from the 1930s we found that her name was written AURELIA.

Golda came probably from Hasidic family, maybe rabbinical family.  If the information above brings up any memory please contact us.



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Valentin Lupu

Shalom Yehuda,
Heimlich Tzvi Iser from Haifa submitted in 1957 testimonies to Yad vaShem about his cousin Naftali (Nandor) Heimlich, his wife Golda and many other relatives.
Naftali's data (except his birth year which is approximate) is identical to JewishGen birth cerificate. Tzvi declared that Golda was born in Sziget (Marmorossziget) into Glik family.
Are you aware of Elly Gross and Eta Moskovitz - Selka's list of Szilagy-Somlyo people during 1940-1944 and their fate? Some Heimlich people, including Naftali, his wife and probably two married children appear in this list. The list is kept at USHMM. If you are interested in the relevant pages, let me know.
Eta Selka za"l was the mother of a friend of mine.

Valentin Lupu

Peninah Zilberman

Shalom Yehudah,


Tarbut Foundation has organized a few All Generations Gathering

in the past 5  years in Marmaures.

I came across a few Grünfeld and Greenfield,

will send you introductions to your personal Email.

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