Looking for information on 2 branches of my family #names

Beryl & Gabi Otvos

I am unable to find information on the family of my paternal grandmother, Sarah Leah Monesavitch/Morosavitch born in Lomza and married in a stille chupah in London June 28, 1888. Also searching for information on my maternal grandfather's family, Botstein. I have found a grave in the name of B L Botshtein in Chernigov, Ukraine born 1905, died1965 but no other information. Any ideas would be welcome.
Beryl Otvos
Bojna, Minosavitch/Morosavitch from Lomza. Botstein/Boshtein from Ukraine, Landesman from Brody, Russia/Poland

Jill Whitehead

As ever, please look at JRI Poland for Lomza records online or old copies of Landsmen, the journal of the Suwalki Lomza Interest Group (now defunct) if your library holds these. It is also quite likely your family would have anglicised their name in the UK, so it could have become e.g. Morris, for example, or the family could have used the family patronymic e.g. Max or Marks was often used for names like Morris, as well as Morris itself. 

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK