Koltenon and Kamorannka - cities in Russia? Latvia? #lithuania #russia #latvia


Good morning. 
I am trying to find the birthplace of a great grandfather who has written on different documents Russia/Latvia/Lithuania. The town listed on two documents is Koltenon (or Koltanon).

I thought it could be a border town between Latvia and Lithuania but haven't found anything that sounds similar. 

On his official Petition for Naturalization, in April 1925, he disavows allegiance to the Republic of Latvia in order to become a US citizen. 

At the same time, his wife is listed as being born in Kamorannka, Russia, which has also drawn a blank. 

Has anyone encountered Koltenon before? What about Kamorannka?


Sherri Bobish


Take a look at these two places:

Kaltinėnai, Lithuania
55°34' N 22°27' E
129 miles WNW of Vilnius

Kaltanėnai, Lithuania
55°16' N 26°00' E
49 miles NNE of Vilnius


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ

Herbert Lazerow

There are apparently many towns so small or currently abandoned that they cannot currently be located. A relative of mine was supposedly from Kolpuki and and another from Komasic, towns supposedly in the vicinity of Velizh in the Vitebsk guberniya, but I have been unable to find them. Kolpuki does not seem like a far stretch from your Koltenon.