Seeking 1940 ship name and manifest Lisbon to Mozambique Portugal Lourenço Marques #general

Della Peretti

Subject: Seeking 1940 ship name and manifest Lisbon to Mozambique #Portugal #Lourenço Marques #Mozambique #shipmanifest

My grandmother’s sister Rose PODLIASHUK, née KODRIANSKY and her husband Max fled Lisbon to Lourenço Marques in Mozambique between late-June and mid-July 1940. I believe their arrival date was on or before August 18. They were stranded there for a year after the ZamZam, the boat they were supposed to take to Palestine, was torpedoed by the Germans in the mid-Atlantic. They arrived in Palestine in mid-August 1941 by plane to Istanbul and then sea plane to Tiberias.

I am looking for the name of the ship they took to get to Mozambique, the manifest, and any other information about the route or the voyage.

Thank you for reading and responding to this.

Della Peretti,  Oakland, CA

Paul Silverstone

Try the Lloyds records at the Guildhall Library in London.  They have all Lloyds once-secret voyage records.   Someone there should be able to help you.

Paul Silverstone

Yvonne Stern

You probably look for the spanish ship Salvador, sailing under
 the flag of Uruguay.  The passenger ship departed from Istanbul, Turkey on December 11th, 1940, carrying  327 passengers -Bulgarian Jewish refugees. 
She had a capacity for only 40 passengers.  The ship foundered in the 
Sea of Marmara on December 12th, 1940. with the loss of 204 passengersRead more at :
I´d also like to mention that Lorenzo Marques was the capital of  the 
Overseas Province of Mozambique before it  became independent from 
Portugal in 1975. Since then the capital  was renamed Maputo.
Regards from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil -  Yvonne Stern    <yvonne.stern17@...>

Nomi Waksberg

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 12:51 PM, Della Peretti wrote:
Lisbon to Mozambique
Wiki is showing RMS Ebro - url

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Paul Silverstone

The Salvador had nothing to do with a  voyage from Lisbon to Lourenco Marques.   Portugal had regular shipping between those ports.  Whether
there are passenger lists available i have no idea.