searching for the maiden name of my great-grandmother Riva/Rivke BERENSON #ukraine

Molly Staub


I’ve tried to solve this brick wall problem for years. However, with the surge of new researchers lately, perhaps someone will have an answer.  I’m searching for the maiden name of my great-grandmother Riva/Rivke Berenson (married to Yishea/Ovshiy Berenson – don’t know when he died). She was a midwife in Krasnoye, Podolia Gubernia, Ukraine. Several of her children (born between 1868 and about 1884) had left for London by 1901 (appearing on that Great Britain Census). Family lore says she traveled to London to visit them and even spoke at a school for midwifery, but I haven’t found a passport or any record.  I know of a family of landsmen in Krasnoye where she delivered all of their Loigman children, between 1887 and 1904. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?


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Alan Shuchat


It may be that your ggf's marriage record will eventually appear in Alex Krakovsky's postings of Ukraine records. Lara Diamond posted about Krasnoye records from the mid-19th century at

Alex has posted records from Shpikov, which is nearby Krasnoye. His Ukrainian-language siteЄврейське_містечко is organized by location, and you can use Google Translate to get an approximate translation into English. Or, see this site for the Podolia records

Alan Shuchat
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