Looking for Sarnek, Voln. (literal from brith act) #ukraine

Alberto Guido Chester

I have used the Jewishgen tools with no success.
A birth act in ROHATYN in 1911 says grandparents were from "Sarnek, Voln." which I guess might be Volinia (sp.)
The handwriting is very clear.
Any help to locate this place ?
Thanks in advance

Alberto Guido Chester
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Alexander Sharon


Place was known as Sarnki, located near town Bursztyn in Rohatyn Powiat. Those were actually trzy adjacent villages by the same name: Sarnki Górne (Upper) with largest Jewish population of three villages of 78, Sarnki Dolne (Lower) with Jewish population of 36 and Sarnki Srednie (Middle) with Jewish population of 6 residents.
Places are shown in JG Gazetteer as follows:

Sarniki, Sarnki, Sarnki Gurne, Sarnyky populated place 49°18' N 24°44' E G Ukraine 433.1 kilometers WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E
Sarniki populated place 49°36' N 24°21' E G Ukraine 450.1 kilometers WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E
Sarnki Dol’ne populated place 49°16' N 24°44' E G Ukraine 434.3 kilometers WSW of Kyyiv 50°26' N 30°31' E

Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor