Family Tree Chart Especially for Cousins etc. #general

joannegrosman joannegrosman

Thank you everyone who responded about where to download a family tree chart. I was particularly interested in cousins etc. as one of these distant relatives in Israel is on Geni and I get matches that are even more distant. Now I can visualize who these people are! On another point, I used to believe my last name 'Grosman' with one 's' was significant, but now on Geni I have seen distant relatives who have the same last name with two 'ss'. Maybe a transcription issue.
Thanks again,
Joanne Grosman
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Pieter Hoekstra

Differences in spelling might be attributed to literacy. Not so many generations ago not everyone was literate so a name was recorded by a 3rd party who may not have been known the the name owner. The details recorded were what the recorder heard and how he/she believed it should be spelled.

Bernard Flam

Hello Joanne from lockdown in Paris,
Concerning names spelling, always remember that our ancestors left Yiddishland countries to other places : there, their name was phonetically transposed from Russian, Polish or Yiddish pronunciation to French, English, Italian or Spanish.
So branches of our familes got different spelling from same original names.
Your initial question was very interesting and you / we get a lot of amazing trees.
May I attach one mor from a DNA genealogy website.
Take care, abi gezunt
Bernard Flam
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