Brick wall locating Anna Goldman #poland #unitedkingdom

Greg Tuckman

Hello fellow genealogists,

I have a brick wall in my family tree and am hoping someone might help me break through it. 

My grandfather’s sister’s birth name is Hana FIRER / FUHRER, born in Radom, Poland on December 4/16, 1878.  The record was recorded in 1880.   She is the daughter of Jakob Icek FIRER and Fajga Brandla AUSTRIAN.

Her Social Security Application in 1939 gives her birth date as January 1, 1884.  She was living in the Bronx at the time of application.

She died on February 15, 1965 in Brooklyn, NY and is buried in Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, NY.  Her headstone indicates she was a mother and grandmother.  The contact information from the cemetery indicates a grandson named Paul (no surname given) who lived in Miami Beach.  I found no other GOLDMAN’s in the family plot.

Her married name is GOLDMAN.  I only have an initial for her husband’s given name.  My grandfather arrived in the US on October 4, 1913 and was going to stay with his brother-in-law, “T GOLDMAN”.

There is a family story that she lived in England before she came to the US and ‘left a family behind’.  I have no idea of any truth behind this story.

I have not found her on the Ellis Island data base.  I have no idea of her husband’s given name or any of her children.  Any and all help would be appreciated.

Greg Tuckman

Phoenix, AZ

Richard Goldman

I would like to help you find your relatives, but it is unclear from your note what information you want.  I assume you want to learn more about your grandfather's sister and by extension, your grandfather.  Did the tombstone give the Hebrew name of her father? Was she married when she arrived in America?

Dick GOLDMAN (not related)

Greg Tuckman

Hi Dick,
Thanks for considering helping out!  I know just about everything there is to know about my grandfather, and I have Anna's birth certificate from Poland so I know her father's name.  Yes, the name matches her headstone plus she is buried in a family plot with numerous relatives, although not her husband or any children.
I'm trying to find out information about her children and grandchildren.  It is an entire branch that is not represented in my family history.
Thanks for any help!


Hi Greg,

Have you tried to get a copy of Anna Goldman's death certificate?  It may list the person who provided the information about the decedent, which is usually a family member.

How about trying to locate an obituary notice in a newspaper?  Also, have you checked to see if there is a probate/estate file?

Just some ideas.  I hope they are useful.

Ethan Starr
Washington, DC