Do Revision Lists include all children in a household? #lithuania

Susan Miller

Do Revision Lists limit the number of children listed from one household?
My great grandfather was born in 1851 in Ziezmariai, Lithuania.  He had several siblings who were born earlier.
Five of them were born  before 1850, but only three are on the 1850 RL.
By 1858 there were 4 more children born, but only one more child was added to this list.

Would appreciate any help.    Susan  <suski2@...>
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David Shapiro

Are the missing children all boys? That was the case with my family from Anskycai, and I assumed that the boys be hidden to protect them from the Russian draft.

David Shapiro

Susan Miller


Three were male.
They were 15, 7 and one in 1858
I agree, the 15 year old may have been hiding for fear of conscription.  
The 7 and one year lived into old age, so it can't be that they died before 1858.

I appreciate your response!  

Susan Miller