Romania SIG #bessarabia #ukraine #lithuania (European Union) European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative Launches New Website With Surveys of 1500 Jewish Cemeteries #bessarabia #lithuania #ukraine

Theo Rafael

The European Jewish Cemeteries Initiative (ESJF) thread regarding the mapping of 1500 cemeteries in 5 countries: Greece, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and Ukraine was mislabeled with the #Romania hashtag however this latter country is NOT included in the survey.
Moldova in this specific case is short for the Republic of Moldova which is a separate country from Romania and is labeled in this message board as #bessarabia (its former name).  While there is also a REGION in Romania called Moldova which explains the mislabeling, the region is NOT included in the survey nor is the rest of Romania.

I tried to but I am not sure I relabeled the thread correctly with the three relevant hashtags #bessarabia #ukraine #lithuania. For Greece and Slovakia there are no hashtags yet.

Theo R.

Harvey Kabaker

To clarify, as I understand the article at , this project is about researching the cemeteries' history and documenting their needs for preservation. However, individual burial sites will not be photographed (except perhaps to show current conditions), nor will personal data be extracted from headstones or historical documents. In other words, this is a cemetery project, not a genealogical project. At first I feared they would be duplicating some work already done or in progress by SIGS or research divisions.