Can You Identify This Partial Document from Russia? #translation

Paul Shapiro

The attached document is  related to my Grandfather and Uncle (pictured) -  I hope the attachment came through.  I don't know how much of it is missing, but I would like to get what's there translated to see if helps fill in my genealogy background.  Thank you for your help via email  to  <paulgshap@...>.

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Alan Shuchat

The document is a passport issued by the Russian consulate in Montreal on July 29, 1922. The stamps show that a consular fee was paid. This was after the 1917 revolution, and the consular records for the US and Canada were microfilmed and are online at FamilySearch. You should be able to find a record of the passport from the date and location. The index to the record collection is at NARA and in libraries but as far as I know isn’t online (The Russian Consular Records Index and Catalog, by Sack and Wynne).
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Paul Shapiro <paulgshap@...>  wrote: "Can You Identify This Partial Document from Russia?"


''To hereby certify that this passport is issued by the Russian Consulate in Canada (Montreal)  for a free travel. 29 July 1922.''


Forgot to ask at the end: ''Consul: Signature'' (unreadable)