Jewish Records in/around St George in the East, London, England #unitedkingdom


Usually the most reliable tool for a search of vital records in England and Wales is at   

You say you have a record for "Henry Sands" birth at St George in the East in July 1905.  There is no such record either on FreeBMD or on Ancestry.  Please tell us what you are relying on.   What else do you know about the family?

There is a Harry Sandperl born Jul/Aug/Sep 1905 St George in the east C Vol 1c Page 304.   Is there any chance that this could be the person you seek?  If there is, there is a birth and death for a Rachel Sandperl in 1907 and a birth of a Millie Sandperl in 1912 (with a mother Krasnabret).  The 1911 census shows them as Sandpearl  -  Simon and Rebecca (both born Russia Warsaw) with children (the older ones born in Warsaw) inc Harry aged 5 and mother in law Krusnabrot.  But Simon and Rebecca die in the 1950s.   So all in all, probably not who you're looking for.     I can see no Henry Sand* in the 1911 census that could be plausibly yours.  Apart from Sandpearl in the 1911 census there is a Harry Sandle of the right age with a mother Rebecca in Bethnal Green and no father living with them.  She seems to die in 1912, so perhaps this is the family?

To find Jewish burials in London there are two main sites:   

-  for the Fed there are lists for the Edmonton and Rainham cemeteries at 
-   for the United at you have to search by cemetery, given and family name.  So, for example, search "East Ham" simon, sandpearl  and there he is.   
Most of my East End relatives were buried at East Ham or Rainham until the community moved further out.  

Many of the Jewish institutions have merged over the years.  You might therefore want to start with Jewish Care and Norwood, but you may want to wait until the lockdown is over.

Paul Hattori
London UK

MINDEL, MINDELL from Utena and Vyzuonos, Lithuania
FELLER from Pabrade, Lithuania



 Thanks to some phenomenal help from group members (really, THANK YOU)
I have found the records I was seeking. While the man used the name
Sands in later life, the records circa 1905 are all saying Sack.
(Curious if people have thoughts on Hebrew names that might have been
permuted into Sack and Sands?)
  Harry was born in Jul 1905 to Morris Sack and Rifka(Rebecca) Bieber
(Beeby, Beba,Bibey etc) Her mother Fanny lived with them at the time.

By the 1911 census Morris was gone, and Rebecca remarried to a

I have yet to find Morris' death, sometime 1904-1911, Rebecca's
remarriage (after Morris' death and before 1911)
Fanny Bieber (see alternates above) 's death circa 1914 - Killed by
being pushed from a platform and run down by a train, presumably would
be big news in this age.

A marriage event in England or Russia of Morris to Rifka circa 1900 most

Potential Jewish cemeteries and Synagogues to approach in St George in
the East, London.

Likely Orphan asylum that Harry would have ended up at.  He told his
children it was "waling distance" from Piccadilly Circus . Said
orphanage provided a "scholarship" to get Harry to Canada where he moved
when he aged out of the orphanage, in case this might give us some clues.

Thank you so much, and I am willing to dig, if people can point me
toward record sources that I might have missed.

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Terry Ashton

Sometimes you can't get records from GRO because they only have records for certain years, so perhaps just check the dates (in years) you are looking for, with the years available on the GRO website.

See if there is anything in relation to Norwood orphanage which took in many Jewish children.

The 2 main groups (other than for Sephardi burials) are the Western Charitable Foundation Burial Society or United Synagogues, so check their websites.But then to find the plot, you need to know the cemetery. However, when I have called them, I have found them to be very helpful.
I hope some of this helps,
Terry Ashton, Australia

Richard Cooper

There is a John Henry A. SANDS born in St.Olave and a William Henry SANDS born in Islington - both born in 1904. Could either of these be your relative?
All the Best,
Richard Cooper
Midhurst, UK


  I have a birth record for a Henry Sands, Jul 1905 in the above
district of London. His parents are listed as Morris (other records say
Shmuel/Samuel.) and Rifka/Rebecca (nee Beeby)
  I have been unable to locate records via the GRO indexes, perhaps
because of a lack of understanding how they sort their records for this
  Apparently his parents died within a few years of his birth. I am
seeking their death records, burial information, etc.  The parents may
have been married in England? and may have been relatively(?) recent
  Any orphanages which might have catered to Jews in particular, or
children in general?

What would be the appropriate Synagogues or Cemeteries to focus on in
that area which might be a source of some information?

  Thanks for any pointers, I am quite willing to dig if people can
point me in the right direction to dig.

#London #England #Deathrecord #Marriagerecord #immigrationrecord

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