Finding records of my family’s entry to USA #general


I have all of my family’s records in this country starting from the early 1900’s. But none of how they got here. I have checked Jewish Gen, Ancestry, Ellis Island and the records of the lost manifests from Ellis Island. Its as if they did not exist. 

Any suggestions?

The name is SCHWARTZ and they were from Iasi. But it also could have been from a suburb of Iasi. I have been at this for years and have found nothing.

HELP!!! Would be so grateful

Risa Heywood

Have you considered that they changed their surname? If you have no evidence that their name in Iasi was Schwartz, and you have researched your direct ancestors and their extended family in the United States, then a name change is a very likely answer.

I am working on a project on my Skorochod family line. I've discovered that different members of the extended family took the surnames, Hoodof, Rudolph, Rosenthal, and Badion. Any descendant looking for a passenger list with the American name would hit a very hard brick wall.
Risa Daitzman Heywood