Need help finding records of great-grandfather TESZLER from Romania/Hungary #hungary #romania



I'm in search for records of my grandfather's family and I don't even know where to look. My great-grandfather was named Arie Laib Teszler/Tessler (exact spelling is uncertain). According to the 'Daf-Ed' my late grandfather filled after him in Yad Vashem (and that's my only source of information), he was born in 1890. His place of birth (written in my grandfather's handwriting) seems in Hebrew like 'קרצניף\ץ' which from my research, I came to believe it's Crăciunești in Romania. I do know my grandfather grew up in a Hasidic family, however, I have no idea from which dynasty. I'm aware there's the Kretshnif Hasidut. Does anybody know if Hasidic groups ever saved records of their members? I do know Arie Leib married my great-grandmother, who was born in Apsa (I don't know which one) in 1894. They lived in Cluj, where my grandfather and his brother were born, and later moved to Borsa, Maramures. They were taken to Auschwitz from Borsa. Are there any records of Borsa's Jewish residents in 1944?

I couldn't find any records on my great-grandparents or my grandfather's brother. My request for information from the Auschwitz archive came up with nothing, as well as my search in the Arolsen archives. I found only information on my grandfather, under his Hungarian name, which leads me to believe the rest of his family members might have had Hungarian names as well, but I have no way of knowing that, and without it, I find myself at a dead end. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you!
Shiran Tesler-Greenberg

Peninah Zilberman


You should contact the  BAIA MARE ARCHIVES

They should be able to find for you some info.


Crecunesti- as we call it in Romanian was a large community

Today there is only the Jewish Cemetery left


In Rehovot, Israel used to be the Crecunesti Rebbe and his Dynesty


Borsa, there is an Yizkor Borsa  book , with all the names of the families registered and other info.

Until the deportations


The Tessler family has a large number of descendants in Israel and around the world


You should ask for friends member at SIGHET GENRATION fb pg.

Just answer the question and I will approve ur membership


You can post there ur requests

There is another fb pg.


Mainly in Hebrew

גם אני נצר ממרמוריש

Check on fb, who has last name Tessler also

I just know this spelling



You can also visit our website

we offer “Family Roots Journeys”


I can also put you in touch with some Tessler people- if you wish

Good Luck

Peninah Zilberman



Thank you so much, Peninah!

I'll check the Baia Mare archives (can't remember if I have already) and the Facebook page.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find them in the Borsa Yizkor book.

Beth Long

Which Teszler is this? I see a Heinrich and a Zisman living in Cluj in 1924 (they were born in Visó)