Polish Military Records #poland


My Uncle served in Pilsudski's Army sometime after WWI.  He came to the US in 1938 and served in the US army starting in 1941.   I've been trying to find records about Pilsudski's army.  
Avivah R. Z. Pinski
near Philadelphia, USA
Researching: Zuchman in Sarnaki, Karczew, Warsaw Poland
Reznik in Drohiczyn nad Bugiem, Siemiatische, Siedlce Poland
Rifczes in Lemberg, Vienna  
Kopekin in Polatsk,& Besonkovich in Belarus
Familiant & Koifman in Bessarabia and Ukraine
Sondak in Vitebsk, Belarus and Rehitza, Latvia
Aginsky and Slonimsky in Minsk 
Aronofsky in Belarus & Lithuania


I, too, am seeking such paperwork--if any exists--for my late father in law who spent 18 months in 'basic training' prior to the War, and was pressed into active service during the war.

Please share whatever you learn.


I’ve been trying to get military records for my uncle who served in the Polish military in WWII. He lived in Kamien Koshyrski, Ukraine. Any help would be much appreciated.