Fogery: Garson KUGEL, Rochester, NY #general

The Becker's Email

The Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle newspaper on June 9, 1929,p. 25 had an article "Youth Accused of Cashing $50 Forged Check"  The man arrested Garson KUGEL was my husband's grandfather's youngest brother.  I could not find any follow-up articles and would like to find out if he was found guilty and, if so, the details of his conviction.  Where should I look?  My source for this article was

Johanna Becker
Newport, RI

Sherri Bobish


Try this free site for old digitized newspapers:
It began as NY State only, but has expanded to newspapers of other states.

Also, from the site
"The Monroe County Clerk’s Office is the source for criminal records filed by the New York State Supreme and Monroe County Courts. Only felony convictions are filed in the Monroe County Clerk’s Office."

Perhaps once the Covid lockdown is over you can contact The Monroe County Clerk's Office and ask if they retain records from that time period.


Sherri Bobish
Princeton, NJ