Jewish Memorial in Halberstadt #germany #holocaust

Josh Freeling


This might be a long shot, but I am trying to see if anyone has a photo(s) of the Jewish Memorial in Halberstadt, Germany.
My great-grandparents, Hugo and Paula Beverstein are among those who are memorialized there. I am hoping to get a "good" photo of their names.
They were deported 13 Aug 1942 with little contact soon after, and declared dead as of 31 Dec 1945.
I found some stock photos online, but they have watermarks, and the angles of them are not the greatest.
So I figured I'd turn here to see if anyone has any or perhaps has been there.
Thank you.

Rainer Borsdorf

Hello Josh,

try to get in contact here - I'm sure they can help you:

I'd do it too, but I live 200 km far away...

Best regards -