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Hello. I hope to find any records or information about my grandmother Matilda Torma (born 1886). The last information that I have is that she had a tailor shop in Sovata(Szováta) around 1936. She lived before in Cluj(Koloszvár).

I know that my grandmother Matilda was born in 1886 in Sântimbru/Csíkszentimre/Szentimre that belong at that time to the Csík County in the Kingdom of Hungary.

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Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan


Part of my family lived in Torma (also called Tormahof), which was a village in Estonia.

Maybe theres a connection to the name you are looking for.

Have a nice day, Ze'ev!
[Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan, Har Adar, Israel]


Hi Ze'ev,
Thank you for your answer. 
I don't think that my grandma had a connection betwen the name of the village and the family name. As I know my family have roots in Romania/ Hungary. Maybe there are alternate spellings for the surname in different times and regions.  
I don't know to have any ancestors in Estonia, but never knows.
Anyway, I have some inexplicabile feelings  for the nordic countries, so maybe is there something :)
 Have a nice day.

Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan

Hi Melinda

I should have written, in my first answer, that my (jewish) family, that lived in Torma (family name was "Paas"), most likely had their roots in Hungary.

I could not follow up this (yet) thru documents. I only know it from stories in our family.

Greetings, Ze'ev
[Ze'ev Itzhak Tschan, Har Adar, Israel]