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Molly Staub

While researching, I discovered an old article about whether altruism is genetic. It quoted a Dr. Ervin Staub from the faculty of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.. He was a Holocaust survivor from Hungary. I can't locate a way to reach him, and would like to find if he is related to my late husband Dr. Martin Staub.  Both families emigrated from Hungary. I've Googled, searched the university faculty list, etc. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Molly Arost Staub
Boca Raton, FL

STAUB (Hungary)
FISCHMAN (Hungary)
AROST (Bessarabia, Argentina, Brazil)
BERENSON (Ukraine, Great Britain)
GROFFMAN (Ukraine, Great Britain)
SHTOFMAN (Bessarabia, China, Israel)

Valentin Lupu

Hy Molly,
Try this email:

Stay safe and healthy,
Valentin Lupu


Hi Molly,
I do not have information regarding Ervin STAUB (but the email Valentin found looks good), but I found out your husband Martin (assuming his father was Adolf, 1897-1944 and grandfather was Samuel, 1864-1944) was my husband's 2nd cousin once removed!  Samuel's sister Leah married Yehuda Frankel. They had a daughter, Etta, who married Jeno Katz. Etta and Jeno's daughter Vivian married William Plotzker, who became the parents of my husband Richard.

Regards,   Irene Greenwald Plotzkert  ireneplotzker@... 


Hello Molly,
Is STAUB in Hungary related to STAUB from Breslau?
Simon Staub (my ggf on mother's side) in Breslau died
in Treblinka 1945. Might have started Staub Pots Co.
now in France??

Dan Weinberg


Hi Molly, We have communicated before. My familyStaub, was from Rzesvow , southern Poland.. and were descendants of Eliazer Staub. and Moses Aaron Staub ( wife..Sarah Beila Kneller Staub)The children came to the state between 1911, or os and 1920.   I am interested in your question about altruism.  I did hear Dr Staub speak a long time ago in the Boston area.  He looked like he could have been related to me!  I do not know where he is teaching now, but I think he still may be at U of Massachusetts in Amherst , Ma.  My family, especially my sister is the most altruistic person, I know! If you think of something that will help the world.. she does it! A Staub, through and through.  Good luck on your search, Marjorie Staub ( Boston area.. originally from NJ.. family form Brooklyn and the Bronx!.


Hi Molly .. another lead might be to contact   Facing History and Ourselves in Brookline, Ma.  I think I heard Ervin Staub speak through their organization.