Landau family 18-19th centuries #poland

I am looking for information on early ancestors of Stanislau (Salomon) Landau, born in Poland around 1820 but spent almost his whole life in Germany (Breslau, Berlin). He married Anna (nick name Andzulku or Anschulka) in 1846 who died in Berlin around 1919. I am in particular interested in the early ancestors who lived during the second half of the18th century.
Thank you
Isak Gath, Haifa.


Isak:  We have corresponded before about LANDAU family(ies).   Stanislaus (Salomon) LANDAU (1822-1898) was a son of Gerson LANDAU (ca.1796-1860) and Dobra (Carolina) KOHN of Czestochowa.  From my review of index records of Czestochowa, I believe that Gerson's parents were Marek LANDAU and Rochla LANDAU.  Presumably, Marek and Rochla were born in the 1770s (or a bit earlier).  I have not been able to get further back.

Since you are descended from a Gerson LANDAU (d.1793) after whom this Gerson may have been named, I have thought there may be a connection, but I have not found it.

I am in contact with members of this family and their family has the story, as do many, that they are descended from the Noda b'Jehuda.

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Stephen FALK
Point Roberts, WA, USA