This week's Yizkor book excerpt on the Jewish Gen Facebook page #ukraine #yizkorbooks

Bruce Drake

“Iziya’s Story,” an except from the Yizkor book of Bilhorod-Dnistrovs'kyy (Akkerman), Ukraine, is exactly what it says it is: a story that the namesake of the title is telling to a group of people of the horrors he had survived, unlike his family and others from his town. The writer of his chapter called it “a shocking testimony, drenched in the blood of tortured Jews, who even on the threshold of death preserved their dignity.” He punctuates Iziya’s story with descriptions of his demeanor as he tells it — Iziya’s face went “red and a tremor went through his body” when he spoke of how his mother saved him from death as she lost her own life.

At one point, “Iziya drank some water and stopped talking for a short minute. The horrors rose again before his eyes, sweat covered his face. How great the will of life, the courage and the power of struggle for existence of a young Jewish boy. At the table Iziya's son was sitting, looking like his grandmother who had remained there. This will not happen to him; he is living now in his own country.”




Bruce Drake

Silver Spring, MD