SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar, STEIGLITZ and similar, and ELLENBOGEN. 1800s #poland

Barry Clarke

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Per 1896 UK Naturalization Certificate of MAX CLARKE, his parents, who would be my great-great-grandparents, were MARKS/MATTHEW and ZLATO/LOTTIE CLARKE. The family name originally was SZKLARKIEWICZ or similar; on one UK document it was spelt SHKLARKIEWITZ. I am told that was probably how it sounded, so simply a phonetical spelling. Max's Naturalization Certificate stated he was born in JEDWABNE. That would have been around 1870. His sister, my great-grandmother's, anglicised name was MOLLY. She was born around 1862. She married a STEIGLITZ or similar who died or was killed in the early 1880s. Their son, my grandfather, was SAMUEL, born April 1881. Molly emigrated with infant Samuel to DUBLIN, Ireland, she married a JACOB CLARKE from SEDLICE, then they lived in LIVERPOOL, England, then SOUTH AFRICA  (via for Max, at least, RHODESIA). We believe too from a photograph in the late 1800s/early 1900s that there may have been a family relationship with ELLENBOGENs, the link most likely dating back to the early to mid-1800s. (Molly's three CLARKE children were SAMUEL, GERTIE, HENRY. Max married ESTHER LANDSBERG. Their three children were MONTAGUE, NORMAN, EVELYN. All in South Africa).

I would be grateful to hear of any links or information about any of these people; preferably by email to bbclarke98@...

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Barry Clarke (British, born 1946, living since 1990 in Florida)

Jill Whitehead

Jebwadne was in Lomza gubernia in NE Poland, and Ellenbogen or Katzenellenbogen was a common Suwalki Lomza name, as well as a common name in Liverpool. My father came from a Suwalki Gubernia  family (the Serwianskis later Servian) that emigrated to Liverpool in the 1870's. Suggest you join the Jewish Genealogical Society of GB to gain acess to its records on Liverpool, and you may be interested in contacting the Liverpool Jewish archivist Arnold Lewis who is helpful on burial sites etc.  Also you can look at the records in old copies of Landsmen, the journal of the Suwalki Lomza Interest Group, at your local large library (NB this group is now defunct) - I am sure they did cover Ellenbogens and similar names.

My father's best friend in Liverpool at the Liverpool Institute Grammar school (now Paul McCartney's school for the performing arts) called Nathan Silverbeck (now long dead) had an Ellenbogen mother. The Ellenbogens have all sorts of Liverpool and Suwalki Gubernia connections.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, England

Barry Clarke

I did respond a few minutes ago but I perhaps did not send it correctly? Not sure because I don't see it posted anywhere! Anyhow, this is more or less what I wrote. I would be grateful if you could acknowledge, so I know I have hit the right button! 

Thanks, Jill, for your interesting reply. I appreciate the time you took to provide me with this information. I will check out the sources you recommend.

Barry Clarke, Croydon/Edgware/Hove, now Sarasota, Florida

Jill Whitehead

Hi Barry,

I have spent the weekend sorting out years and years of old papers and come across some more Ellenbogen information by chance. 

1) Simon Hill - who is married to a relation of mine - wrote an article for Landsman some years ago (I have the final draft of the article, and would say it was about 10 years ago). It is called "More on early Rajgrod migration  to Great Britain". He refers to the Gorfunkle family - which is how Simon's wife and I are connected as two of my maternal Guttenbergs married two Gorfunkles. They went from Rajgrod to Liverpool and Manchester in the 1860's. Jacob Gorfunkle's sister Rachel came with her husband David Ellenbogen and their son Selig and his wife. They are all in the 1871 Liverpool Census. 

He also mentions other families with similar names to yours but anglicised names. Samuel Gorfunkle (son of Rachel's brother Mendel) married Syma Sierowicz (which is a bit like Szklarkiewicz) in 1865 in Rajgrod and they came to Liverpool in the late 1860's. His household included his brother in law Hirsch Ellenbogen. The 1871 Liverpool Census shows  Selig Ellenbogen b Rajgrod 1845 in Everton - he was a glazier in Everton like my paternal great grandfather Joseph Servian. Also in the household were a family called Steinsapir which is a bit like Steiglitz. Jacon Steinsapir was born in Rajgrod in 1840.  They set up in business together as Ellenbogen and Stonsper, glass dealers.

Also mentioned is Isaac Ellenbogen b Rajgrod 1855 son of David and Rachel. He married Hinda daughter of Rabbi Isaac Leventon (this family was also connected to  my mother's Brown family of Edinburgh via Hinda's mother Rosa Greenberg). Isaac was a picture and furniture dealer in Liverpool (again like my father's family and many other Jews in Liverpool). 

Also of interest is which gives the details of and naturalisation dates for the Liverpool Jewish families of the time. You can find the following Ellenbogens: Isaac, Myer, Hyman, and Jacob, 

Jill Whitehead, nee Servian
Sutton, Surrey, UK