Name change to Gen(n), Gandz, or Gin on immigration to the U.K. c.1902 #unitedkingdom #ukraine #names

Jeffrey Gandz

I’m trying to understand how my family name changed from GEN(N) to GANDZ when my grandfather emigrated from Shpikov, via Łódź accompanied by his wife, Leah and three children Annie, Isaac (a.k.a. Harry) and Louis (a.k.a. Lazer, Luzer, and other variants.  I have been looking in Jewish Gen, English and Scottish records, shipping records.

My ancestors lived on or around the Pale of Settlement from about 1680, perhaps well before that.  The “family name” back then was GEN or GENN) and they would have been in Lyubar, Chudniv, A branch of that family represented by my paternal grandfather, Joseph GENN emigrated from Spikov to the U.K., Via Łódź in1902.  He was a descendant of Chaim (his father) and Shmuel Volf (his grandfather) who were gabayim to branches of the TWERSKY Rebbe, first in Skvyra and then in 

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

Jeffrey Gandz

Jill Whitehead

My late mother born Phyllis Brown (ex Brin)(1917-1995)  in Edinburgh had a school friend called Rose Schulman who married a Scottish Michael Gandz. They moved to - by coincidence - Gants Hill in Essex after the war. They had two children Julian and Melvyn , and in the mid 1960's I was taken by my mother to the wedding of, I think, Julian. We lost touch I am afraid. But it is possible the sons are still in the area, if you wished to search for them.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK