Benjamin Shapin family #names

Paul Silverstone

I have been trying to find Benjamin SHAPIN and his family in the 1940 census or anywhere else.
He was born in 1898 in Russia, his wife Sarah/Sadie Silverstein was born in 1902 in Poland.  They married in NY in 1917, had four children
Benjamin, Meyer, Nancy and Shirley, born in NYC.
I found Benjamin Shapin married to Hilda Obod in the 1940 census in NYC.

The others do not appear in the census, nor in the draft registrations.
Perhaps the family changed  its name.  I tried Sha*

Can someone suggest an alternate search mechanism?

Paul Silverstone
New York, NY 

David Oseas


I find it useful to use this search pattern -- search for a child's given name, together with both parents' given names, omitting the surname -- to find families where the surname may be recorded or transcribed incorrectly.

Also note that "Poland" during its history ceased to exist, so adding Poland as a country may be counter-productive.  The FamilySearch engine in particular will eliminate possible matches if you include data that doesn't match.  When using FamilySearch, it is best to enter the minimal amount of data, then filter to reduce the number of hits.

In this case, searching FamilySearch in NY for a person named Shirley (leaving surname blank) with parents Ben & Sarah turns up this 1930 census entry for Shirley Shapin: .  It appears to be the family you are interested in, though the older son's name is different.  FamilySearch then suggests this entry for the family for the 1940 census: .  The surname was recorded as "Shapiro" by the enumerator, but, again appears to be the same family, with the addition of a younger child named George.

David Oseas

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