Epstein, Henryk Warsaw #poland


i am looking for information from Henryk Epstein (my grand-grand-father) that lived in Warsaw. 
He was born in Warsaw in 1882.
He was murdered during WW2.
He worked as bank director in Warsaw.

I knew that during the year 1940, he succeed leaving Warsaw and went to Bialystok. The address mentioned on his 1940 postcard letters was U.S.S.R. Bialystok, Rewolucyjna 23/5.

I would like to find information about Hernyk Epstein (living house in Warsaw, job activities details, parents, and so). 
Moreover, i didn't find the Rewolucyjna street in Bialystok. I am looking for information about it.

Finally, i would like to know if there is any information about people that left from Warsaw to Bialystok after september 1939.

I thank you in advance for you help

All the best