Help with gravestone artwork and translation for Sarah P. Weiner #usa #translation

Corey Brand

Hi. Does anyone know what the significance of this beautiful artwork is on Mrs. Weiner’s gravestone here? I can read Hebrew but not speak it, so I know her original name, but can anyone tell me what the first line says? Any indication she’s a mother?
Thank you very much.

Corey Brand

In this case, researching:
VINTSIUNSKI (changed to WEINER) - Punia, Lithuania to Boston
VAINER - Punia, Lithuania
DOMBROVSKI - Punia, Lithuania 

If the picture is blurry:


Hi Corey
The artwork depicts a candelabra which is a common symbol on womens' gravestones. It signifies the lighting of Shabbat candles which is a special mitzvah for a woman and also seems to connote motherhood (I am guessing here but maybe as she is the light to her family, or based on the Talmud that connects lighting Shabbat candles to meriting upright children). The candelabra is flanked by 
the letters of an acronym meaning "here is buried". The acronym at the bottom means "May her soul be bound in the bonds of (everlasting) life".
The first line says "A beloved mother from an upright (important) lineage."
So to answer your question, yes, it is clear that she was a mother despite dying young. I would not have concluded that from the artwork alone but the inscription settles it.
Just to make sure you are not misunderstanding the name, it doesn't list a maiden surname (resembling Peshevar), rather it is her full name and father's name. Sarah Pesha bat Reb (abbreviation) Yaakov Moshe. I wonder what her middle name in English was with the initial H and if it had any connection to Pesha.
Good luck,
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD


Most candelabras on gravestones seem to have two candleholders.  This one has four.  Many women have a tradition of lighting one candle per family member.  The following is just a guess, but this MAY mean that she had two children.
Fredel Fruhman
Brooklyn, New York, USA

Leya Aronson

I enlarged the tombstone using a programme called IRFANVIEW. The initial on the stone after Sarah is P. not H. 

Leya Aronson
Toronto, Canada