Suwalki Lomza Journal #poland

Carol Waggoner

Have all the records found in the published Suwalki Lomza Journal hard copy
been made available digitally on Jewishgen?

Carol Waggoner


Esther Brill

I wish it had been -- so far I haven't found any links there.  Would love if iet could be done. Had trip planned to St Lake City because they have the magazine in their library but coronavirus interfered and the library was closed..

Jill Whitehead

I think a lot of them came from JRI Poland or Litvak SIG, but not all of them. The former editor Marlene Silverman will have access to privately commissioned data from local archives in the area (bought via members funds - I contributed to some of these funds myself). Bearing in mind the number of people asking for info on Suwalki Lomza families on this website, and the fact members of the Suwalki Lomza SIG did help pay for the special data, I do think it would be of benefit if this was made available on Jewish Gen.

Jill Whitehead, Surrey, UK
Former member of Landsmen Editorial Board (UK rep)

evelyne Primack

I look for informations about Suwalki before 1868 Markus, Marcus Gorfunkel Dorn.
Please tell me,what is possible to make researchers.
Thank you.
Evelyne Primack-Molko

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Most of the records that appeared in the Journal have been digitized and put on JRI-PP. There were articles about the history of one town or another and perhaps some records, like the marriages in Paris of Suwalki and Lomza people, which haven't, to my knowledge, been published elsewhere.
It was a wonderful resource for those with ancestors from the area.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ