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Bob Silverstein

I am working on a letter having a number of phrases in Hebrew and Yiddish.  The list is long but I would still appreciate getting it translated.  Thanks for your help and patience.

Bob Silverstein

  1. niftar bishnat 1932 be Lodz, sham huva lekvura
  2. Josele , az dy sehst epes ys green, sollst dy glajben dane ojgen, yn nisht sugen efsher ys es blu
  3. twiat ajin
  4. bejn kolshear bnei jisrael
  5. ptira
  6. simon ( the bchor)  Simon the boy?
  7. beezrat hashem
  8. meharishonim bewet hakwarot hajashan be Tomasz ow- Mazowiecki
  9. the privilege of commemorating her name on my maceiva and thus hold on to her Jiskor
  10. The following "toldot" of our family
  11. for lack of a breira, two of our great-great-great grandmother were already emancipated women
  12. huva lekvura bewet hakvarot hechadash be Lodz
  13. huva lekvura bewet hakwarot hajashan be Lodz
  14. niftar bishnat 1932 be Lodz vehuva lekvura sham bewet hakvarot hechadash
  15. the Germans, jemach shmam, destroyed everybody and everything
  16. ad meaveesrim
  17. dus kleine bubele
  18. niftar bishnat 1932 be Lodz vehuva lekvura sham bewet hakvarot hechadash
  19. Is the man’s name Cwi the same as Tvi?
  20. What do these mean and what are the appropriate abbreviations using Roman letters?

Dr.Josef ASH

1 died in 1932 in Lods, there was burried
2 something like: Yosele when you see it green, believe your eyes and don't tell it is blew (Yiddish)
3 by eye seeing 
4 among all other sons of Israel
5 passing away, 
6 Simon the eldest boy,( he who was born thr first to his parents)
7 with the G-d's help
8 among  the first ones in the old cemetery ...
9 maceiva - tomb stone. Jizkor - memorial prayer
10 history
11 choice
12 was buried in the new cemetery in Lodz
13 ... old...
14 died in 1932 in Lods, and was burried there in the new cemetery
15 ...may their name be blotted out! Damn them!
16 to 120 (years life)
17 the little dolly (Yiddish)
18 = 14
19 I would spell it Tsvi, The Hebrew letter is Tsadik, sounds like German Zimmer, in Yiddish 2-tswej
20  this looks like "of blessed memory"   the right letter with apostroph means God, it is the first letter of His name which is forbidden to tell. The left letters MAY BE  the word Yid - a Jew, but I cannot understand the connection...

Josef ASH, Israel


The very last phrase in 20. Is הי״ד an abbreviation of השם יקום דמו, which means “May God avenge their blood”. 


Number 20: ז''ל meaning  "of  blessed memory" can be abbreviated OBM. הי''ד Stands for Hashem yinkom damo/damah meaning "may God avenge his/her blood" and is used following the name of a martyr. Hy"d can be used as an abbreviation but is only understood in certain circles.

Bob Silverstein

A number of people contacted me privately.  In several instances, they went beyond the literal translation to describe the nuance of meaning or origin.  I learned more than I anticipated.  Thanks to all.


Bob Silverstein  bobsilverstein@... asked for help translating 20 words and phrases from a letter including "Is the man’s name Cwi the same as Tvi?"

Cwi is a Polish spelling of the Hebrew name Tzvi, which I've also seen spelled as Zvi and Zwi. 
The Hebrew spelling is TZADI - VET [bet without a dot] - YUD.
By the way, the name of the first letter is Tzadi, not Tzadik; this is a common error, and came about because the next letter in the Hebrew alphabet begins with a 'k' sound and when the alphabet is recited these sounds run together.
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