Shumsker family from Zhytomyr #ukraine


I am looking for links to the Shumsker family from Zhytomyr. Some of the first names are; Sima Leah, Rivka, Shulim, Shlioma & Khaia (Chaya)

Jane Neff Rollins

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Have you searched for the names on the Ukraine database at If your names show up, you can search for the original documents, which are online at Tsai Kaplun Foundation. Of course, they are in Russian.

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Jane Neff Rollins
Montrose CA USA
Locations -- Surnames
Tiraspol -- Kishinevsky, Zeilikovich, Sirota
Slonim/Volkovysk/Svisloch -- Klebansky, VatnikĀ 
Berdichev -- Chernorudsky
Zhitomir -- Pekler, Gumenik, Gorlovsky, Garber