Do U.S. online phone directories still exists? #usa #general


I just tried to find a land line number of a person who moved from one Boston suburb to another. Zabasearch still has the old number, all other directories, including WhitePages, hide the info or switch to a commercial web site intelius. It occurred to me to dial directory assistance at 617-555-1212 and I've got the number (don't know if it's right, it's my father-in-law's friend; will find out later).


As this seemed rather strange, I repeated the experiment using my own name (my address and the phone have not changed in over 30 years.) Zabasearch showed my brother's old street address and two numbers I did not recognize. WhitePages produced my brother's old address and two of his old numbers.


Is there a normal simple U.S. web-based phone directory without gimmicks?


Boris Feldblyum
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Eric Mack

Another option for finding phone numbers for people is 

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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybruc@...>

Yes, online directories still exist, but they are for landlines, not cell phones. Lots of Americans (like others) only have cell phones now. There aren't directories for them that are published.
Sally Bruckheimer
Princeton, NJ

Ruthie Zaionz

There is another website:

You can search the name by state, or states, or the entire country.  
Good luck.   Ruthie Zaionz, Toronto, Canada.

Kenneth Ryesky

When I was still in the USA teaching (I happened to have also been going for my MLS degree at the time at the same institution), the campus library discarded their microfiches of US telephone directories.  When I made inquiry, the answer was that the telephone directories had been put online.  My snide remark in response was that they had just destroyed a valuable research resource, and that inasmuch as Warsaw telephone directory would be relevant in refuting Holocaust deniers, they were facilitating cover for future genocides in America.

-- KHR
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I like to use White a pages, but you should register for Premium Services. It provides considerably more information than the free services at a minimal cost.  It includes cell phone numbers and full addresses.  Another way to search is to Google the person’s name that you are searching. This means turns up a lot of information from different sources. 

Sarah L Meyer

They do; however, they are almost useless, because many people have discontinued their land-lines and cell phones are not included. 

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Ben Karlin <BenKARLIN@...>

As far as I know, No, there is not such an online resource. 

You could try a phone call to a reference librarian as some libraries have paper directories still on their shelves (current and historic). Generally you have to try the library of the area of the residence, although the Newberry Library in Chicago has some national and possibly international directories.

It is also possible a local historical or genealogical society will have such a directory. They may also have collected fairly current directories as they will eventually become historical documents. If you have access to a newspaper archive search for the name as well as looking for an exact match on the phone number as it just may show up in classified ads and give you a lead.