From DANZIG TO GDANSK change of street names #poland #danzig


Hello every one
I tried to locate the street where my great grand parents lived in Zoppot. It seems that all the streets since WW2 have polish names and I could find no map to locate Cecilien strasse. Could somebody give a hint? Thanks in advance

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Catherine JUROVSKY

Hi Catherine

My great-grandfather is also from Danzig, so this was interesting to me.

I found this web site where it shows in Zoppot, Cecilienstrasse = Czyżewskiego


If you can find an old map online  from the era you are searching and compare it to a modern Polish map, you can see where it is .
If you Google Cecilien Strasse Danzig you get a lot of results.

This worked for me many years ago when I went to Shanghai.  Armed with a map from 1939 and a modern one, I was able to locate all the places my parents lived, worked and hung out during WW2.

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Vicky Ferraresi 
Belmont, CA

Logan Kleinwaks

For a correspondence between German street names and Polish street names in Danzig/Gdańsk + suburbs, another recommendation is It also includes historical information about some of the streets, such as earlier names changes, route alterations, etymologies, etc.

Incidentally, if you have roots in Danzig or otherwise want to assist with transcribing/proofreading Danzig Jewish genealogical records, please contact me.

Logan Kleinwaks,  near Washington, D.C., JewishGen Director of Research for Danzig   <logan.kleinwaks@...>